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The DayBeacon
Facebook Community

The DayBeacon Facebook community has been set up for people who support children with rare, chronic and invisible conditions. Whether you are a parent, guardian, teacher or therapist, this community wants to help you with navigating their difficult journey to calmer waters with care, honesty and empathy.

We want to share the daily adventure as well as the long journey of accepting, embracing and learning to advocate for our invisible conditions. We recognize that each diagnosis and challenge is unique and every situation is personal. Our challenges are never measured against your challenges.

The DayBeacon Community is a natural extension by the WearIt. brand whose mission is to help people embrace and find confidence through their rare, chronic and invisible conditions. WearIt. brand supports these conditions through awareness merchandise and developing tools to help with daily life like The DayBeacon APP.

Click on the link to join our group where you will find support and you can share your stories, your coping strategies, your challenges and your defining moments navigating rare, chronic and invisible conditions

Thank you!

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The DayBeacon assistive technology is still under development. 

We thank you for your patience, and if you would like more information on how it works, how it could help your child or how to get it in your classroom, please contact us. 

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