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Image by Dave Hoefler

Why We Created

The DayBeacon

My son has Ehlers-Danlos and Dyspraxia.

His school days are long, challenging and filled with anxiety because of his invisible disabilities. Every day when I drop him off at school, my day is also filled with anxiety and is directly correlated to how he will get through his day. How will he handle his pain, his fatigue or his unique challenges? Will he be able to communicate effectively or when he needs some help? Or, will he become too overwhelmed to function that day. 

Every day is different.

My son certainly isn't the only student managing invisible disabilities at school, so I wanted to develop a new tool to help my son, and the thousands of other students, better manage their days.

For Students - For Teachers - For Parents


How It Works

Image by Tim Gouw
Image by Akira Hojo


student presses button to alert teacher  they need attention

DayBeacon LOGO-D.png
School Teacher
Children in Classroom


The DayBeacon app lets the teacher know which student sent alert

Teacher helping student

student and teacher work together to resolve concerns


On the Phone
Blue Keyboard

app collects data to help guardians and educator collaborate to effectively support student


The DayBeacon assistive technology is still under development. 

We thank you for your patience, and if you would like more information on how it works, how it could help your child or how to get it in your classroom, please contact us. 

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The DayBeacon project is under development by WearIt.

A purpose driven awareness apparel brand focused on rare disease, chronic illness and invisible disabilities. 

Proceeds from WearIt. support The DayBeacon.

Help students with rare diseases, chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities learn to advocate, navigate and communicate more effectively in the classroom.

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